Philco Model 60B Baby Grand 2nd style (Jan 1934)
This is the second style of the Philco model 60 Baby
Grand (60B). It was introduced in January of 1934
with a sales price of $29.50, just $2 higher than the
introductory price of the
first version. Although the
cabinet received a complete redesign, the chassis
was basically unchanged*.

This cabinet has a similar theme to both the
tombstone and the 84B cathedral, introduced at the
same time. It was offered until June of 1934 when it
was superseded by the
third version, introduced for
the 1935 model season. For whatever reason, at
least in my experience, this seems to be the least
often seen of the 60B basic styles, in spite of some
57,500 having been produced (
For an overview on the evolution of the 60B series
of cathedral radios, see my
Philco 60B lineage
page and also the page linked to
at the end of this column of text.

Although original advertising I've seen depicts this
radio as using Rosette style knobs like those on my
set (see ads below for examples), I have also
encountered it sporting Philco's new-for-1934 hex
style knobs and therefore cannot help but wonder
whether the set came from the factory with either.
Note that the upper tuning knob on my set should,
I believe, be the larger diameter rosette rather than
the smaller diameter one shown.

The model 60 is a 5-tube ac-powered superhetero-
dyne covering the standard broadcast band from
530-1500kc and short-wave  from 1500-4000kc.
The tube line-up is 6A7 (mixer/LO), 78 (IF), 75 (2nd
detector/AVC/1st AF), 42 (AF output), 80 rectifier.

*For details on the evolution of the chassis used for model
60s, see the model
60 Tech Section at
"Here's the new big-value 60B in a beautiful
hand-rubbed cabinet of two-tone walnut.
Amazing performance and tone at an unusually
low price. Features Automatic-volume-
control, full-size Electrodynamic Speaker,
Tone control, police and airplane calls, etc."
Philco 60B 2nd version (Jan 1934)
Only Philco can give you such value ..outperforms sets at much higher
Jan 11th 1934,
Feb 21st 1934,
Mansfield Ohio
Mar 13th 1934,
Philco 60B 2nd version Rear View (Jan 1934)
Aug 16th 1934,