Philco 60MB 'Moderne Baby Grand' Tombstone Radio (1934)
This Philco 60MB (Moderne Baby Grand), introduced in January
of 1934, marked a milestone for Philco in that it was their first of
many tombstone style radios. The introductory price was $37.50
($39.50 West of the Rockies) complete.

The 'M' in the model number stands for 'Moderne' or 'Streamlined
Moderne', relating to a class of the Art Deco style that peaked in
1937. To quote from "the style emphasized flowing
forms, long horizontal lines, and sometimes nautical elements
(such  as railings and porthole windows)"
. The nautical ingredient
of this  radio cabinet, with its bold semi-circular lines, is readily im-
agined. The 60MB's cabinet (also used for the 66MB introduced
later, in the summer) was styled by
Clyde Shuler, who was also
responsible for sets like the

The Moderne models, which initially comprised the 60MB,
and 18MX, represented a new and experimental direction in cab-
inetry for Philco. The designs featured bold but simple geometric
lines with, at least for the early examples, finishes of natural mah-
ogany and black trim. They also marked Philco's first use of the
black hexagonally shaped knobs. Although these cabinet styles
would never become mainstream for Philco, a few radios using
the M designation would continue to be offered through 1937
and echoes of the style would re-appear in their 1939 and 1940
line-ups (though without the M in the model numbering).

The 60MB uses the same chassis as Philco's popular model 60B
cathedral radio, which incidentally received a
cabinet upgrade at
around this time. The 5-tube super-heterodyne tunes standard
broadcast from 530-1500kc and shortwave from 1.5 - 4.0 mc. It
has tube line-up:- 6A7 (mixer/LO), 78 (IF), 75 (second det/af
amp), 42 (output) and 80 (rectifier). The model 60 schematic can
be found
"An attractive new hand-rubbed cabinet of natural
color Mahogany with black trim, enclosing a popular
chassis with unusual performance. Clear, true tone.
Tunes in your favorite programs, police calls, many
amateur and airplane communications. Fits into any
room setting. Ideal for den, bedroom, office, study."
. .a new 1934 Philco in a modern cabinet that will grace any
New! Modern!  Philco.
Philco 60MB Tombstone Radio Rear View (1934)
Feb 19th 1934
Jan 13th 1934,
Jan 31st 1934,
West pricing
"An outstanding value featuring
Automatic-Volume-Control, Tone-Control, Electrodynamic
Speaker, Police and Airplane calls, etc."
Philco 60MB Modern Style Tombstone Radio (1934)