Philco 84 Baby Grand (84B) Cathedral Radio, early (1934)
The Philco 84B (84 Baby Grand) was introduced in January of
1934, priced at $20 including tubes ($21 west of the Rockies). It
was Philco's price leader model through the second half of the
1934 model season, taking over that spot from the
80B and 81B
once they were discontinued. Easy credit terms were offered by
most stores and the 84B could typically be purchased for as
little as
 $2 down and $1 per week.

For 11 weeks at the end of 1934, Philco celebrated the sale of
their five millionth radio* with special promotions on various mod-
els. The year had been very good for the company and they had
been able to hold the price of the 84B constant all year long - it
was still selling for $20 in December, 11 months after its launch -
"Philco prices have not gone up" stores selling the radio announ-
ced in their advertising.                                          *
see foot of my 45L page

The 84B covers the broadcast band from 540-1740kc. Its 4 tube
line-up is 77 (mixer/LO), 77 (IF/2nd detector), 42 (af power amp)
and 80 (rectifier). Its no frills chassis is very similar to that of the
earlier models
80B and 81B that it replaced - all are superhets
with no IF stage, no AVC, a regenerative 2nd detector and a
volume control placed in the antenna circuit. Regeneration is
controlled using a trimmer at the rear right of the chassis. The
adjustment is by means of a hex-nut and was not intended for
day-to-day manipulation by the listener.

In spite of its limitations, when correctly adjusted and used with a
good antenna, the set is capable of surprisingly good reception.
The schematic and alignment information may be found in the
Riders manuals (

For those desirous of obtaining the very best in performance
from their model 80B, 81B or 84B, see the suggestions made by
Ron Ramirez  
here and here, courtesy of philcorepairbench.

The 84B received a
cabinet "update" for the 1935 season.
It's brand new - and what a value! Philco 84B.
A new attractively designed Baby Grand in two-toned maple.
Philco 84B (Baby Grand) Radio (early version) 1934
Jan 25th
1934, San
Antonio Tx
Mar 30th 1934,
Galveston Tx
Dec 6th 1934,
Albert Lee, Mn
Philco 84B Cathedral Radio Radio Rear View
"Never in the history of radio has so little money been able
to buy such a big-performing radio!"