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Echophone Model 60
Echophone Model 60 Cathedral Radio (1931)
The Echophone Model 60 was introduced by the Echophone
Radio Manufacturing Co. Ltd of Waukegan, Ill, in the summer
of 1931 as one of several new models for 1932. Considered
variously at the time as a "portable", "midget", "mantel" or
"compact" radio, It had an original list price of $53.75.

Echophone's 1932 line-up of midgets included the four-tube
model 40 "Echoette", the 7-tube model 60 shown here,
the 8-tube model 70 DC and the 8-tube
model 80. In addition,
the company marketed two styles of console cabinets into
which could be fitted either a complete model 60 or model 80
midget. Topping out the 1932 line was the 8-tube model 90
console. With the exception of the TRF Echoette, this line
comprised all superhets, continuing the legacy established by
the admirable model
S-5 from the preceding season.

I consider the 1931 and 1932 Echophones, beginning with the
S-5, to be amongst the most visually appealing radios ever
made. Each represents a Gothic masterpiece, a spectacle of
design, an exercise of artistic expression featuring grille and
escutcheon work in pressed wood, tastefully framed by elegant
pilasters, pointed arches and graceful moldings. And foremost
amongst these sets, in my opinion, lies the model 60, occupy-
ing a forever unassailable spot in the realm of the vintage
radio visual experience. See my
model 10 for another stunn-
ing example in this series.

The model 60 is a 7-tube superhet that tunes the broadcast
band. The tube line-up is 35 (mixer), 27 (LO), 35 (IF amp), 24
(2nd detector), 35 (AF amp), 47 (AF output) and 80 (rectifier).
The schematic is available
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.

Note: The ad snippet below right mentions "6 inches deep".
This is in fact a measurement internal to the cabinet. The
external measurement, including lower trim, is 7
1/2 inches.

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"Model 60 Superheterodyne - Seven tubes -
including pentode and three variable mu, Jensen
Dynamic speaker, full-vision dial, Tone control,
phonograph jacks, Walnut cabinet, 6 inches deep"
14" (W) * 71/2" (D) * 17" (H)