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US Gloritone Model 99A Cathedral Radio (1931)
The Gloritone 99A was manufactured by the United
States Radio and Television Corporation of Marion,
Indiana. It was introduced in the second half of
1931 as one of the company's line of new super-
heterodynes for the 1932 model year. Continuing
their series of entry level compacts, it was priced
very competitively at $39.95 including tubes.

The 99 is an ac-powered set that covers the stand-
ard broadcast band and uses 5 tubes: 224 (mixer/
LO), 235 (IF), 224 (2nd detector), 247 (AF pent-
ode) and 280 (rectifier). The mixer/LO uses a self-
oscillating "autodyne" circuit. This was done to
combine the operations of mixer and oscillator into
a single tube, thereby minimizing tube count and
keeping production costs down. This was a fairly
common practice in economy sets of the era. The
radio has no Automatic-Volume-Control (AVC) and
has its manual volume control placed within the
antenna circuit. This same chassis was used for
both the 99A table model and the 99B floor model

Below are quotes from Gloritone newspaper adver-
tising dated in 1931.
"US Gloritone model 99A, table style,
has front of beautiful burl matched
walnut. Speaker openings of artistic
design, scrolls and escutcheon balance in
appearance. Chassis with new full range
Mu and pentode tubes is balanced by
latest improved full-range
electro-dynamic speaker - these
produce reception barely equalled. Tube
equipment consists of 1 No. 280,  1 No.
247, 1 No. 235, 2 No. 224. Same chassis
used in both models. Model 99A is table
"The new Gloritone Apex model 99-A
now greater than ever with
superheterodyne at its best. Tone!! Just
as real as the original broadcast. Triple
screen-grid with Pentode tube for
greater amplification without distortion.
Three tuned stages. Illuminated dial.
And using the new full-range Mu and
Pentode tubes balanced by the latest
improved electro-dynamic speaker.
Cabinet front made of splendidly
matched burl walnut of natural design.
Side panel decorations add a classic
touch to appearance."
US Gloritone 99A ..superheterodyne at its best.
Gloritone 99A cathedral Radio (1931)
15" (W) *  9" (D) * 161/2" (H)