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Echophone Model 10 All-Wave Cathedral Radio (1932)
This spectacular Echophone model 10 cathedral radio
was introduced in the summer of 1932 at a list price of
$59.50. It was, unfortunately, one of the last in the
company's series of so-called Mantel sets. They claimed
to have introduced the first such radio (also known as a
compact) to the marketplace in November of 1928 and in
the intervening few years they brought out several sets
that today are amongst the most beautiful and collectible
of the entire cathedral radio genre.

The line commenced with the Bantams, my
S4 being one
example. Then followed the likes of the
S5, 60 and 80.

I haven't turned up much on the model 10 other than a
small ad in Radio Retailing announcing its introduction:-
Echophone Model 10
"Model 10: Mantel Type - eight tube
superheterodyne - automatic volume control -
combination low and standard wave. $59.50
complete with tubes"
The set is an 8-tube AC powered superheterodyne with
frequency coverage from 545-18,000kc (17 to 550m), in
four wavebands. The tube line-up is 58 (RF amp), 58
(mixer), 57 (LO), 58 (IF amp), 55 (2nd/det/AVC/1st AF),
47*2 (push-pull AF output) and 80 (rectifier). The RF
amp is switched in only for standard broadcast. It was
among the first sets to use the new type 55 "duplex diode
triode" detector tube.
Echophone ...a growing success since 1921.