Emerson Model BA-199 (BA199) Bakelite Table Radio (1938)
The BA-199 is often confused with the
model 126 of 1936. A side-by-side
comparison of these two sets is given
here. It can be seen that there are
subtle stylistic differences between the
cabinets. Emerson often re-used their
cabinets in subsequent model years
with just upgrades to the electronics,
so the subtle changes between the
126 and BA-199 are curious.

Since writing the preceding paragraph
I have come across some BA-199
radios in the cabinet style shown for
the earlier model 126 and have also
seen original ads for the BA-199, from
1938, depicting the same thing - so
make of it what you will! Most likely
Emerson exhausted their remaining
inventory of the earlier cabinets prior
to switching to the one having the
amended styling!
..5 tubes...American Broadcast and Police Calls.
The 1938 Emerson model BA-199
(BA199) tunes a frequency range from
540-1725kc, which includes the
American broadcast band plus the low
end of the old police band. It utilizes
the type BA TRF chassis which uses 4
tubes plus a ballast. The line-up is 6D6
(RF amp), 6C6 (biased detector),
25L6G (beam power tube), 25Z5
(rectifier) and a type L55-BG ballast
tube. The performance of this receiver
is marginal at best. It  could be
originally purchased for around $9.95.

It appears that some of these radios
came with a moulded rear cover and
others did not, having instead a
cheaper fiberboard back. Whichever
my radio originally came with, it is long
gone (see photo below).
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Emerson BA-199 Bakelite Table Radio Rear View (1938)
Emerson BA-199 Bakelite Table Radio (1938)