Styling Differences between 1936 model 126 (left) & 1938
model BA-199
In addition to changes to the grille cloth and dial face, the BA-199 drops the upper right and left oval "racetrack" indentations present on the
model 126 and also the square impressions at the top of the vertical grille bars. Otherwise the cabinets are the same. The model 126 also
featured a moulded back which was replaced with a cardboard back on at least some (if not all) of the BA-199 production run.

Electrically, the 126 used the U4B chassis and the BA-199 the BA chassis. Both were 4-tube TRF receivers with ballast tube covering the
standard broadcast band.

Since writing the preceding paragraph I have come across some BA-199 radios in the cabinet style shown for the earlier model 126 and have
also seen original ads for the BA-199, from 1938, depicting the same thing - so make of it what you will! Most likely Emerson exhausted their
remaining inventory of the earlier cabinets prior to switching to the one having the amended styling!
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Emerson Model 126 Bakelite Table Radio (1936)
Emerson BA-199 Bakelite Table Radio (1938)