Emerson Model 126 Bakelite Radio (1936)
The Emerson model 126 4-tube+Ballast receiver from 1936 covers the broadcast band from
540-1650kc. It uses the U4B tuned-radio-frequency (TRF) chassis, with tube line-up comp-
rising:- 6D6 (RF amp), 6C6 (biased detector), 43 (AF power amp), 25Z5 (rectifier). The
ballast tube is of type 2VR-215.

The radio came with a moulded rear cover as shown in the photo below. The original purch-
ase price was around $14.95.

This set is often confused with the model BA-199 of 1938. A side-by-side comparison of
these two sets is given
here. It can be seen that there are subtle stylistic differences bet-
ween the cabinets. Emerson often re-used their cabinets in subsequent model years with
just upgrades to the electronics, so the subtle changes between the 126 and BA-199 are
...with Harmonized Unit Construction for uniform reception of American standard broadcasts..
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Emerson Model 126 Bakelite Table Radio Rear View (1936)
Emerson Model 126 Bakelite Table Radio (1936)