Emerson Model 411 (U4C) Mickey Mouse Radio (1936)
The Emerson model 411 novelty radio was manufactured
and distributed by Emerson under an exclusive licensing
agreement with the Walt Disney Company, signed in the fall
of 1933. It was one of three Mickey Mouse souvenir sets
introduced at the time that were part of Emerson's line-up
for 1934. In words taken from an announcement in Radio
Retailing, dated October of 1933, one of these sets was
black with silver trimming', another was 'ivory with light
green trimming'
and the third, the model 411 as seen here,
walnut with carved "Mickey Mouse" characters'. The 411's
panels are not actually carved as suggested but were
manufactured using a pressed wood composite called
SyrocoWood", a trademark of the Syracuse Ornamental
Company. The three versions of Emerson "Mickey Mouse"
radio each had an introductory price in 1933 of $25.

The 411 is generally categorized as being of the 1933-34
model year. However, the 1934 (first) version of the 411
utilizes the A-4 chassis whereas mine embodies chassis
U4C, which Emerson introduced later in 1936. The 411
schematic in the Riders manuals in fact lists both chassis
types as original to this set. Therefore my 411 is a "late"
version from 1936. Both variants turn up from time-to-time
on internet auction sites. I have noticed differences in the
knobs between them, but otherwise the cabinets appear to
be the same.
 Advertising for the model 411 from December
of 1936 (see thumbnail below center), shows the list price
as $14.95, a significant reduction from its introductory price
of $25 in the fall of 1933. In all likelihood, the 411 was
offered for continuous sale between 1933 and 1936, with a
chassis upgrade for the 1936 model year.

The model photographed is missing its brass name tag
(lower center) and brass accents (dial scale & vol/on/off)
surrounding the two knobs. Judging by other late version
sets I've seen, the knobs themselves are original.
Mickey Mouse and Other Novelty Sets Add New
Dimension to Radio Market

The world's most popular screen star has assumed a
new role. Beloved by millions, he now breaks into radio.
Walt Disney, his creator, has appointed the Emerson
Radio and Phonograph Corporation as exclusive
manufacturers and distributors of the Mickey Mouse
receiving set. The advent of a radio line, housed in
cabinets of lithesome design and gay colors, may mean
more than that of their special appeal to little sister
Betty or brother Bob at college or to dad for his den.
While these sets should make easy the path for those
dealers who go after the "second" and "third" radio sale
per home, already there are signs that their
cosmopolitan appearance is appealing to a wide variety
of merchants. Toy shops, gift, jewellery and book stores
see in these sets of novelty design an attractive item.

That new and radical exterior designs, and new outlets,
is assuming the proportions of a trend is further
evidenced by the fact that Colonial is out with a set
housed in a globe of the World - of direct interest to
the businessman and proprietors of map and stationary
stores. Then there is that attention getting two-tube
"pocket" set by International - the Kadette Jr. People
are buying them for "bridge" prizes, we are
Radio Retailing, October 1933.
Life-like reproductions of the world-famous
Mickey Mouse in characteristic poses adorn the
genuine Syrocowood cabinet...
The 4-tube U4C chassis is a Tuned-Radio-Frequency
(TRF) AC-DC design tuning standard broadcast from
540 -1650kc. Tube line-up is 6C6 (RF), 6D6 (biased
detector), 43 (AF power amp) and 25Z5 (rectifier). A
resistive line cord (185Ohm & 17W) is used to supply
the tube filaments. It is interesting to compare
Emerson's U4B and U4C chassis. The U4B, as used
in the
1936 model 126, employs a ballast tube in
place of the resistive line cord but otherwise appears
identical. Perhaps the smaller cabinet size of the
model 411 precluded the use of a ballast tube and
necessitated the more compact U4C chassis variant.
Schematic courtesy of NostalgiaAir.
Emerson 411 Mickey Mouse Radio Left Side View
Emerson 411 Mickey Mouse Radio Right Side View
Emerson 411 Mickey Mouse Radio Top View
Dec 1936
Emerson Radio & Phonograph Corporation, 111 Eighth Ave., New York City
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Emerson 411 Mickey Mouse Radio (U4C) Front View