Zenith Model 9-S-367 Console Radio (1939)
The Zenith 9-S-367 (9S367) is a large and impressive 9-
tube three-band console radio introduced in the summer
of 1938 as part of Zenith's line-up of 76 new models for
1939.  Its introductory price in the East was $99.95.

In addition to Zenith's "robot dial", which received a make-
over from its inaugural 1938 model year, the 9-S-367
embodied two Zenith innovations new for 1939. The first
was the
Radiorgan, comprising 6 pull-tabs to the right of
the dial used for controlling tone, with 64 combinations
possible (the remaining two tabs to the right of the dial are
for on and off). The second new feature was
inental Tip-Touch Automatic Tuning
, allowing instant sel-
ection of one of eight preset stations when the band-lever
is in the 'automatic' position. Tip-Touch tuning is done
electrically by switching in and out tuned circuits dedicated
to each preset. Zenith made much of the fact that
standard broadcast station could be selected as a preset,
local or distant. This was an advantage over the mechan-
ical systems offered by some other manufacturers, which
relied on Automatic-Frequency-Control (AFC) and cons-
equently needed a relatively strong station to be preset in
order to work reliably.

Zenith advertising for the Radiorgan and Tip-Touch tun-
ing can be seen lower down to the right on this page.

Regarding the 'robot dial', when the band lever is opera-
ted to change between bands, an alternate dial or shutter
is rotated into view, showing the markings solely for the
chosen band and rendering set operation less confusing
for the listener. Zenith advertising claimed that "
it's child's
play to operate a Zenith and a child delights in doing it....
the Robot Dial is Almost Human .. the greatest advance-  
ment in ease of tuning since the inception of radio
". The
robot dial was used on Zenith's 1939 sets having 9 or
more tubes.

My radio has brown plastic knobs below the dial, though it
seems this model also came with ivory colored knobs.

The cabinet, with its wrap-around louvers, was referred to
by Zenith as Zephyr style, after the streamlined locomotive
designs of the day.

The tube line up for this radio is 6F6G, 5Y4G, 6J5*2,
6L7G,  6F5G, 6U5G, 6K7G*2. It uses a single ended
6F6G output stage.  

I bought this radio from a local seller on Ebay. I completely
re-capped it and replaced numerous out-of-spec resis-
tors. The shutter dial mechanism was cleaned and lubric-
ated. The tuning belt was good (clearly having been rep-
laced in more recent times). I re-wired the rectifier socket,
which had been modified to accept a 5Y3, back to accept
its rightful 5Y4 and replaced both the 6U5 tuning eye and
the infamous 1Meg resistor in its socket.
..with robot dial ...its almost human.
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Dec 1st 1938, Utah
Aug 29th, '38
Dec 18th 1938, Utah
Zenith 9-S-367 Console Tube Radio (1939)
Zenith 9-S-367 Console Tube Radio Dial Close-Up (1939)