Zenith Model 5-G-401 Portable Radio (1940)
This neat portable operates either from
a battery pack or from the AC line.
The tube line-up is 1A7G (mixer/LO),
1N5G (IF), 1H5G (2nd det/AGC/1st AF),
1A5G (2nd AF), 117Z6G (rectifier). The
rectifier operates only when the set is
connected to the AC line and a switch at
the rear is in the appropriate position.
Coverage is of the broadcast band only.

A headphone connection is situated to
the right of the dial. When headphone
jacks are inserted, the internal speaker
is silenced.

A Zenith wavemagnet is situated in the
rear of the cabinet. This is a detachable
antenna loop fitted with suction cups that
can be affixed internally to the window of
a car, train, aeroplane, etc. for improved
reception during travel. It can be seen in
the third photo, below.
When not used, the front hatch folds up
to protect the dial and loudspeaker grille
This photo shows the chassis of the
5-G-401 together with the wavemagnet

The wavemagnet is an antenna loop
connected to the radio by the
wavemagnet cable, part of which can
be seen in the photo. The three rubber
suction cups are just visible to the left
and right of the wavemagnet. Each is
mounted on a hinge that allows the
plane of the loop to be orientated for
optimum reception.
I found this radio in a local thrift store
with the battery pack still inside. It
weighed a ton! The pack comprises a
6V 'A' battery for the filament supply
and a 90V 'B' battery for the B+ supply.

Luckily, the battery had not leaked and
damaged the inside of the radio.
However, it had swollen and jammed
itself into the case and took quite some
care to remove.
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Zenith 5-G-401 Portable Tube Radio Internals (1940)
Zenith 5-G-401 Portable 'Luggage Style' Tube Radio (1940)
Zenith 5-G-401 Portable 'Luggage Style' Tube Radio (1940)
original Battery as used by Zenith 5-G-401 Portable Tube Radio