Zenith Model 6-S-27 Tombstone  Radio (1936)
The 6-S-27 (6S27) tombstone radio was introduced in
the summer of 1935 as part of Zenith's 1936 line-up.
This is a large and stylish, if not imposing radio from
the first full season of the  "big black dial". The initial
sales price was $59.95.

I found this in a dark antiques warehouse with an
stain brushed onto it. I stripped the finish and gently
bleached the wood to remove any last vestiges of
stain and then re-finished it with lacquer. Later I
restored the electronics.
"Zenith No. 6-S-27...6tubes.Tunes American and
Foreign stations, police amateur, aviation
conversations, ships at sea. Black Magnavision Dial.
Split-Second Tuning"
Zenith ...the All-Feature Radio of 1936.
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Zenith 6-S-27 Tombstone Radio (1936)