Zenith 6-S-52 Console Radio (1936)
Zenith Model 6-S-52 Black-Dial Console Radio (1936)
The nicely appointed 6-S-52 (6S52) console radio covers
three bands:- standard broadcast from 540-1550kc (Band
A), shortwave from 1500-4200kc (Band B) and shortwave
from 5.6-18.2mc (Band C) (ranges approximate). The 6-
tube type 5619 chassis is the same as employed for the
6-S-27 tombstone. The original purchase price in
late 1935 was $69.95.

The tube line-up is 6A8G (LO/mixer), 6K7G (IF), 6H6G
(2nd-detector/ AVC), 6K7G (1st AF), 6F6G (power output)
and 5Y3G (rectifier). The schematic can be seen  

I found this radio in an antiques store and it had obviously
been used as a plant stand at some time or another as
much of the lacquer on the top was long gone - the result
of exposure to moisture. I therefore refinished this section.
However the rest of the finish is original and in great shape.

Electrically, the output transformer primary was open but
this turned out to be the result of a break at the point
where the lead-in wire connects to the primary winding - an
easy repair. I did the standard recap, replaced all out-of-
tolerance resistors and repaired an open section on the
candohm resistor (a common affliction of Zeniths). A re-
alignment completed the chassis restoration and it now
plays very nicely.

I particularly like the illuminated colored dial when the radio
is turned on, especially when viewed in a darkened room. I
know these radios are famous for their "big black dials" but
in operation they become a mix of reds, yellows and
..with all the worthwhile features of a modern radio
"Zenith 6-S-52. 6 tubes. Tunes AMERICAN and
FOREIGN STATIONS, police, amateur, aviation
conversations, ships at sea. Tuning range 5
wavebands on three simplified dial ranges.
10-inch dynamic speaker. Black Magnavision
Dial, bands individually illuminated in colors.
Split-second Tuning. Overtone Amplifier. 39
inches high"
"Twirl the famous "Magnavision" black dial on
this Zenith. Notice that it has two hands, like a
clock! There's the reason why you can tune,
log, relocate accurately practically any foreign
station in the world with this set. One hand
tunes the general station location. The other,
super-sensitive, tunes within an area,
separating closely crowded stations. Besides,
you'll enjoy the clear, deep resonant tone and
the beautifully designed cabinet of this Zenith"
Zenith. The radio that has everything...
..an explanation of "split-second" tuning extracted from a
1935 newspaper ad featuring the 6-S-52.
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Zenith 6-S-52 Console Radio Rear View
Oct 1935, Radio Retailing
Dec 1935, W. Va.
Jan '36, Pa
Nov '35, Pa
Feb '36, Tx