Zenith Model 5-S-29 (5S29) Tombstone Radio (1936)
ZENITH Gives you every worthwhile feature!
Black Magnavision Dial. Split second tuning.
Wavebands in vari-colors. 5 wavebands on 3
simplified dial ranges. Metal glass tubes.
..Reveals the compactness that can be achieved through the
restrained use of decoration.
"5-S-29. 5-tubes. Tunes American and foreign
stations, police, amateur, aviation conversations,
ships at sea. Tuning range of 5 wavebands on 3
simplified dial ranges. 6" dynamic speaker. Black dial.
Bands individually illuminated in colors. Split second
tuning. 18" high."
"Table Model with 5 wavebands
covering American and Foreign
stations, police, amateur, aviation and
ship calls. Has 6" dynamic speaker.
Finished in walnut."
In walnut or the NEW EBONY FINISH.
"An ultra-modern ebony finish is available
on all models for a slight extra cost."
The Zenith 5-S-29 (5S29) is a very stylish tombstone radio
from the 1936 season. It was introduced in the summer of
1935 with an initial selling price of $39.95 in the East.

The radio (chassis 5513) has 5-tube line-up: 6A8/6A8G
(mixer/LO), 6K7/6K7G (IF amp), 6B6 (2nd det/AVC/1st
AF), 6F6/6F6G (AF power) and 5Y3/5Z4 (rectifier). Cover-
age is from 535-1520kc, 1460-4550kc and 5800-18500kc.
The schematic may be found
here (courtesy NostaligiaAir).

Below are clippings taken from newspaper advertisements
for the 5-S-29.
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Zenith 5-S-029 Tombstone Radio (1936)
Oct 10th 1935, Oakland, CA
Oct 14th 1935