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The Stromberg Carlson 1101-HM
wooden radio is less common than
its ubiquitous plastic cousins.
According to the Riders manual,
the M in the model number
designates a wooden cabinet with
mahogany finish. The other sets in
the family include the 1100-HB in
brown bakelite, the 1101-HI in
ivory painted bakelite, the
1101-HW in walnut (wood) and
the 1101-HY in a bleached
wooden cabinet. The 1101-HB &
-HI are popularly known as the
"Dynatomic" sets, looking almost
identical to my model

The AC/DC chassis covers the
standard broadcast band and
uses the 6-tube line-up 12SK7 (RF
amp), 12SA7 (mixer/LO), 12SK7
(IF), 12SQ7 (2nd detector/AVC/1st
AF), 35L6GT (beam power) &
35Z5GT (rectifier).  
Stromberg Carlson Model 1101-HM Table Radio (1946)
There is nothing finer than a Stromberg Carlson radio...
Stromberg Carlson 1101-HM Table Radio (1946)