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Bendix 115 (1947)
Bendix 115 Burgundy & Ivory Plastic Table Radio (1947)
Aviation quality construction gives greater power and rich quality tone.
This 1947 model 115 from the Bendix
Aviation Corporation was styled by
James Franklin Glover (US patent
146907). It was a follow on to the
highly popular model  
526C catalin
set from 1946. The burgundy and
ivory model 115, as pictured, was
also available as model
114, in
mottled brown and tan plastic. The
114 and 115 are constructed from
polysterene plastic, though they are
often mistaken as being catalins.

For Christmas of 1947, the model 115
(illustrated) could be purchased for
$29.95 in regions East of the Rockies.

The chassis is a typical All-American-
Five of the latter Octal era, having
tube line-up 12SA7 (mixer/LO),
12SK7 (IF amp), 12SQ7 (2nd det/
AVC/1st AF), 50L6GT (audio power)
and 35Z5GT (rectifier). Tuning range
is 540-1620kc. The schematic can be
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.