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Silvertone 4505 "Election" Ivory Plaskon Table Radio (1937)
The Silvertone Model 4505 is a wonderful example
of 1930's streamlined design in plastic. Its cabin-
etry is the work of noted industrial designer John R.
Morgan, as revealed by US design patent
Together with its companion model the
4500, in eb-
ony bakelite, these sets were big sellers for Sears
Roebuck Co. They first appeared in Sears' 1936
catalog, listed as models 4415 (ivory) and 4414
(ebony). However from 1937 through 1939 the des-
ignations were changed to 4505 and 4500. Hund-
reds of thousands of these sets were allegedly sold,
with a list price in 1937 of $11.95 for the ivory vers-
ion and $9.89 for the ebony.

In October of 1936, this set took first prize as an
object of "outstanding beauty" in the nationwide
Modern Plastics Competition, announced in New
YorK City (
see examples of ads below).

The radio was nicknamed the "election" when it first
came out, purportedly because it was advertised
as ideal for use in listening to broadcasts of the
presidential election, held on Nov 3rd and
won overwhelmingly by the incumbent Franklin D.
The 4505 is a 5-tube ac-powered TRF receiver
covering the standard broadcast band from 540-
1720kc. The tubes used are 2 * 6D6 (1st and 2nd
RF), 6C6 (2nd detector), 43 (af o/p) & IV (rectifier).
The circuit is unusual in that it employs an auto-
transformer both to step down the AC line voltage
to feed the series connected tube filaments and to
step it up to furnish the B+. As a result, the Riders
schematic includes a caution that the set's chassis
is not isolated from the ac line.
...front and back enclosed...beautiful from every angle.
1937 newspaper ad
Silvertone 4505 Plastic Table Radio (1937)