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Wilcox-Gay Model A-27 Table Radio (1937)
Wilcox-Gay A-27 Table Radio (1937)
This table radio has a very unusual Deco styling, with its two-tone gloss lacquer finish, offset
horizontal silver lines and circular loudspeaker and dial cut-outs with chrome inserts. To me, it
quite conveys the impression of spinning wheels in motion! Wilcox-Gay is renowned for having
produced unusual Deco styled radios, many with metal grilles. Perhaps one of their best-known
models is the
A-19 tombstone. The A-27 model pictured here is clearly identified on an internal
sticker and is very similar to the
A-46. A second internal sticker shows the chassis to be of type
7A5 (see below).

This radio uses 5 tubes and is ac powered. It covers standard broadcast from 550 - 1550kc
and the old police band from 1550 - 4300kc (ranges approximate). The tube complement is
6A7 (mixer/LO), 78 (IF), 75 (2nd detector/AGC/1st AF), 42 (AF output), 80 (rectifier). The
schematic appears in the Riders manuals under Wilcox-Gay

The Wilcox-Gay Corporation of Charlotte, Michigan, was in business from 1910 through 1960.
They started the manufacture of radios for the home in the late 1920s. They are perhaps best
known for their Recordio record cutters, first introduced in the late thirties. Later, in the fifties,
they also produced tape recorders. Following incursions into color television production in the
late fifties, they went out of business in 1960 due to financial problems. (Reference: