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Philco PT-2 and PT-4 Bakelite Table Radios (1941)
A pair of table-top Philcos, introduced in January
of 1941 and aimed at the burgeoning market for
second and third sets in the home, or better still
"a radio in every room". The brown one is
unpainted walnut-colored bakelite and the white
one is ivory painted bakelite. I re-painted the
ivory one (using a close match to the original) as
the original paint was badly scuffed and chipped;
it is missing the Philco Transitone emblem from
the lower front in the same place as seen on the
set on the brown model. The PT-2 originally listed
at $13.95 and the PT-4 at $14.95.
...glistening beauty of an ivory finished plastic cabinet.
..with Beam Power Output and amazing 6-inch Oval Speaker
Philco PT-4 Ivory Painted Bakelite Table Radio (1941)
Philco PT-4 Bakelite Table Radio (1941)