Philco Model PT-87 Portable Tube Radio (1941)
The Philco PT-87 was described by its manufacturer
as "The Indoor Outdoor Portable Radio - a radio you
can carry around and play in any room on house
current...or anywhere outdoors on its own battery". It
had an original purchase price of around $19.95.

It features a cabinet constructed of plywood and
covered front and back with a woven cloth similar to
that used on some styles of luggage. These models
are usually found with this cloth covering noticeably
worn, so when a relative called me to say he had
picked one up for me at a garage sale I did not have
high expectations. However, I was very pleasantly
surprised when I saw it, as it's in superb shape!

The radio is ac/dc/battery powered and covers
standard broadcast from 540-1600kc. It uses the
low-power tubes:- 1A7G (mixer/LO), 1N7G (IF),
1H5G (2nd detector/AGC/1st AF), 3Q5G (AF power)
and, when operated from the 115V ac/dc line, a
117Z6G (rectifier).

The built-in loop antenna is sandwiched between
the plywood and the exterior cloth covering.

A similar model, the 42-PT-87 was offered in 1942,
but for some reason, the plastic escutcheon on that
version seems particularly susceptible to shrinkage. tone and amazing performance.
Philco PT-87 Portable Radio Rear Open View (1941)
philco PT-87 Portable Radio Sticker on base of radio
Philco PT-87 Portable Radio (1941)
Philco PT-87 Portable Radio (1941)