Philco 116B (Jan 1936)
Philco Model 116B Tombstone Radio (Late version, Jan 1936)
Philco introduced this updated version of the model 116 Baby
Grand (116B) tombstone radio in January of 1936. It was
their top-of-the-line table radio for the first half of the year
and had a list price of $99.50, just $2 more than the
116B introduced the previous June. Other than a reduction in
loudspeaker diameter from 10" to 8", the two models are
electrically the same.

Upon a casual glance, this radio's cabinet appears big, boxy
and bland. But, as one continues to view it one becomes
increasingly aware of a subtle interplay of curves, waves and
geometric forms on its attractively toned and veneered
frontage. Moreover, the dial, knobs and grille-cloth appear at
once complementary to the form and yet fully congruous with
the overall styling. The whole composition, in my opinion,
places this set amongst the most elegant and aesthetically
neutral of the mid-thirties tombstone radios.

The roots of the Philco 116 series, which includes the
(early), 116X and the 116B late version featured here, can be
traced back to the original model 16 line. Both lines share the
same basic chassis, with the 116B upgrades simply taking the
form of "bolt-ons" to the schematic of the final version of the
16B. For more information on this set, including schematic
and technical details, see my
116B early version page.

This was the last in the 116 series of Philco tabletop radios.
The next season would see a radically re-designed 11-tube
model in the guise of the
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