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This radio is nick-named the "Zephyr"
because of its streamlined, machine age
styling, right the way down to its bullet
shaped aerodynamic knobs. Surpris-
ingly, the loudspeaker faces out the left
side, rather than the front. Personally, I
find that radios having this characteris-
tic sound muffled when compared to
those having forward facing speakers.

The Majestic 5A410 is an ac/dc power-
ed all-American-five that covers the
standard broadcast band. Tubes used
are 12SA7, 12SK7, 12SQ7, 50L6GT
and 35Z5GT. I recently serviced this
radio. It needed re-capping and a repl-
acement 35Z5GT and 50L6GT. The
35Z5GT that came with it had an inter-
mittent internal short that revealed itself
by blowing the pilot light! The 50L6GT
was weak, having been overloaded as
a result of positive grid bias applied to it
through a leaking coupling capacitor.
With these issues taken care of and the
alignment peaked up, the radio now
plays nicely.
Majestic Model 5A410 Bakelite Table Radio (1946)
Dramatic Modernism.  The modernistic with a touch of drama reflected in this Majestic zephyr.
Majestic Radio & TV Corporation
Majestic 5A410 Bakelite Table Radio Rear View (1946)
Majestic 5A410 Bakelite Table Radio (1946)