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Detrola Pee Wee
Detrola 197 Pee Wee Midget Radio in Ivory Plaskon (1938)
The Detrola "Pee Wee" Model 197 is
a gem of a radio that came not only
in ivory plaskon as seen here, but
also brown, green, red, beetle and
possibly other colors of plastic too. It
is truly a midget amongst tube radios,
measuring barely 6.5" wide by 4" top-
to-bottom by 4" front-to-back. It orig-
inally sold for around $11.95.

The cabinet was designed for Detrola
George W. Walker of Michigan,
best known today for his work at the
Ford motor Co., including the design
for the 1955 Ford Thunderbird. His
Pee Wee cabinet design is covered
by patent #
114,651, filed on March
29th of 1938.

Within the confines of this tiny enclo-
sure is contained a 4-tube TRF cha-
ssis covering standard broadcast
band. The ubes are 6K7 (RF amp),
6J7 (detector), 25L6 (AF amp) and
25Z6 (rectifier). The filaments are
supplied via a resistance line cord,
cut on my model, as seen right. I
actually prefer it this way, since I do
not plan on using this radio and a
cord can be a nuisance on a radio
this small, especially if it gets snag-
ged and results in the radio being
damaged when an attempt is made
to move it.
As mentioned, the Pee Wee 197 is a single band radio.
model 208, which uses a very similar 4-tube
chassis and shares the same cabinet style, adds
coverage of what used to be the police band. It has a
waveband selector switch that protrudes through the
rear cover and and sports a dial with different markings,
as needed to accommodate the additional waveband.
World famous Pee Wee Detrola radio...fits in the palm of your hand.
Detrola Pee Wee 197 Radio Single Band Chassis
Detrol Pee Wee radio Rear View
Detrola Pee Wee Radio Oblique View