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Detrola 219 "Super Pee Wee" Plaskon Table Radio (1938)
The Detrola model 219 Super
Pee Wee is a very compact
5-tube ac/dc superhet that
covers the standard broadcast
band from 540 - 1720kc and the
old police band from 2300 -
6250kc. Tubes used are:-  6A8
(LO/mixer), 6K7 (IF), 6Q7 (2nd
det/AVC/1st AF), 25L6 (audio
output) & 25Z6 (rectifier). Either
metal or GT envelope tubes work
in this radio, but not the G types,
which are too big.

Selection between the two
wavebands is performed using a
switch at the rear, which normally
protrudes between the 6K7 and
25L6 tubes. On my radio
however, this switch is missing
and perhaps this is the result
of a wartime edict of the US
government that domestic
receivers not be used for
receiving overseas broadcasts.
As a result, many radios, upon
being submitted for service
during wartime, had their
shortwave capability disabled,
often by removal of the wave-
change switch. I'm not sure
how widespread the practice was
however, since out of the radios
I own only this one appears to
have succumbed to this modifi-

This radio came in a number of
color variations, including brown,
ivory beetle, black with beetle
grille, red with beetle grille, blue
with beetle grille (as here) and
green with beetle grille. All are
rare, with perhaps green the
most seldom seen of all.
Detrola 219 Plaskon radio (1938)
Detrola 219 Plaskon radio (1938)
Detrola 219 Plaskon radio (1938)
Detrola 219 Plaskon radio (1938)