RCA Model 111 Compact Table Radio (1933)
RCA's model 111 compact table radio
was introduced in the fall of 1933, priced
at $34.50. RCA referred to it as a
beautiful chest-type radio". It was a foll-
ow on to models in the R-28 series which
had been introduced that spring.

In my opinion, its richly toned facade of
highly figured wood, sporting inlaid bord-
er, distinctive grille cut-outs and elegant
appointments, creates a degree of visual
interest that is a step above most of its
rectangular box contemporaries in the
compact radio arena. To top it all, the
asymmetry created by the right-most
knob makes one wonder if that aspect
came about by way of an afterthought!*
But, on the other hand, such stylistic
liberties as this were becoming common-
place, given the advent of Chicago's
Century of Progress Exposition. This
inspired the emergence of modernism,
including even the merest hints thereof,
in nearly all aspects of design.

The model 111 is a five tube superhet
covering standard broadcast from 540
to 1500 kcs and shortwave from 1400 to
2800 kcs. Tubes are 58 (RF amp), 2A7
(mixer/LO), 57 (2nd det), 2A5 (AF amp)
and 280 (rectifier). The schematic may
be found
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.
The 111 incorporates a continuously
variable tone control but no Automatic-
Volume-Control (AVC).

* see my RCA R28 page for insights
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RCA Model 111 Compact Table Tube Radio (1933)
RCA Model 111 Compact Table Tube Radio Rear View (1933)
..a beautiful little chest cabinet.
Dec 2nd 1933, Nevada
Dec 19th1933,
Nth. Carolina
See also my GE K-52, which employs the same type of chassis, made
for GE by RCA.