General Electric (GE) Model K-52 Cathedral Radio (1933)
GE's model K-52 (K52) is a compact 5-tube two band
cathedral radio. It was introduced in the fall of 1933,
initially priced at $32.95. The set was manufactured
for GE by RCA.

The 5 tubes are 58 (RF amp), 2A7 (mixer/LO), 57
(2nd detector), 2A5 (AF amp) & 80 (rectifier). The
small loudspeaker is attached to the chassis and not
mounted separately within the cabinet. Tuning range
is 540 to 1500 kcs standard broadcast and 1400 to
2800 kcs police/amateur.
Schematic as for RCA 111.

The K-52 has a continuously variable tone control,
and shares its chassis type with RCA's contemporan-
eous 110 and
111 series. The earlier R-28-P chassis,
such as used for model
R28 introduced in the spring
of 1933, provides a two-point tone control. It's very
similar to the 110/111 chassis, which it preceded,
but is incorrect for GE's K-52 from the fall, despite
oft-seen claims to the contrary.

The K-52 has no Automatic-Volume-Control, despite
some ads (e.g. lower left) stating that it does.
GE K-52 Cathedral Radio (1933)
...offers you new beauty in tone and cabinet.
Dec 19th 1933, Montana
Oct 23rd 1933,Texas
Nov 10th 1933, Michigan
GE K-52 Cathedral Radio Rear View (1933)
Nov 6th 1933, Iowa