Philco Model 41-230T Bakelite Table Radio (1941)
This 7-tube ac-powered superhet receiver covers the standard broadcast band from 540 - 1600kc and the old
police and special services band from 1600 - 3500kc. It is somewhat unusual for a bakelite model in that it uses a
power transformer along with 6.3V loktal tubes. The tube line-up is:- XXL (mixer), XXL (LO), 7B7 (1st IF), 7B7 (2nd
IF), 7C6 (2nd detector/AGC/1st AF), 7B5 (power amp), 7Y4 (full-wave rectifier). Philco made much of the use of
"their" XXL tube (a VHF triode) in their advertising for the year. The XXL was manufactured for Philco by Sylvania
and was equivalent to type 7A4. They used it and other loktals in many models for the 1941 and 42 seasons.

The controls on this radio are volume (upper left), two-point tone/on/off (lower left), tuning (upper right) and band
selection. It features an internal loop antenna, making an external connection unnecessary for most applications.
Philco 41-230 Bakelite Table Radio Rear View (1941)
Philco 41-230 Bakelite Table Radio (1941)