Philco Model 41-231T "Bullet" Table Radio (1941)
Philco's model 41-231T table-top radio
was introduced in early 1941, initially
priced at $32.50 in the Eastern USA.
The 41-231T is one of three general
styles of Philco
bullet radio, the models
38-10 and 37-610T, from 1938 and
1937, being representative of the oth-
er two.

So-called bullet radios are all the rage
among collectors today because of the
machine-age connotations of the word
bullet when used in the context of
artifacts from the thities and forties. It
evokes impressions of brisk though
unidirectional streamlined motion, in
keeping with the asymmetries inherent
in the styling of those artifacts.
Philco 41-231T rear view
Distinctive table model 231T with amazing new American and overseas reception.
Philco 41-231T Bullet Radio (1941)
The model 41-231T is a two-band 6-tube
receiver featuring electronic push-button
tuning. The loktal tube line-up is:- XXD
(osc/converter), 7B7 (1st IF), 7B7 (2nd  
IF), 7C6 (det/AVC/1st AF), 35A5 (power
pentode) & 35Z3 (rectifier). Approximate
band coverage is 550-1700kcs (stand-
ard broadcast) & 8.8mcs to 12.0mcs
(over-seas shortwave). The schematic is
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.
Ad, March 1941
Ad, May 1941
151/2" (W) * 61/2" (D) * 91/2" (H)