Emerson AC-149 Black-And-Ivory Plaskon Table Radio (1937)
The Emerson AC-149 is a 5-tube
AC-powered radio covering the
standard broadcast band from 540-
1580kc and the police band (as it
was then) from 1580 - 4200kc. The
original sales price was $19.95 for
walnut bakelite and $22.95 for
black-and-ivory, as shown.
...recreates the artist in your home.
"Five tube ac superheterodyne.
Standard American Broadcast,
All Police bands, Amateur and
Aeroplane stations - 6.5"
dynamic speaker, Automatic
Volume Control, 3 Watts output.
Bakelite cabinet. Colors: Walnut,
The tube line-up is 6A7 (mixer/LO),
6D6 (IF), 6Q7 (2nd-detector/AVC/
1st-AF), 41 (power output) and 80
(rectifier). This particular example
has serial number AC-1430273. On
units with serial numbers below
1,333,800 a type 75 tube was used
instead of the type 6Q7.
The controls are on/off/volume (left)
and tuning. Waveband selection is
made using a switch at the rear.
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Emerson AC-149 Table Radio in Ivory & Black Rear View (1937)
Emerson AC-149 Table Radio in Ivory & Black Plaskon (1937)