Emerson AD-110 Wooden Mini-Tombstone Radio (1937)
An attractive 5-tube superheterodyne
covering the standard broadcast
(540-1580kc) and police
(1580-4200kc) bands. Tube line up is
25L6 (beam power output), 25Z5
(rectifier), 6A7 (mixer/LO), 6Q7 (2nd
detector/AVC/1st af) and 6D6 (IF).
Filaments add up to 68V and like a
number of other Emerson models it
employs a power cord with a third
conductor built into it  (providing a 145
Ohm 15W dropper resistor).

The model AD chassis used for this
radio is very similar to chassis AU  
used for the
AU-190 catalin tombstone.

Model AD-110 should be distinguished
from the Emerson model 110 (~1936)
which although in a similar case, used
the U5A chassis, having a different
tube line-up and different coloring on
the dial scale (the U5A chassis was
also used on the very collectible
plaskon and bakelite "U5A" models).
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Emerson AD-110 Mini-Tombstone Radio (1935)