Emerson 561 Series B Black & Gold Bakelite Table Radio (1949)
The styling of this handsome Emerson
model 561 is attributed to industrial
Raymond Loewy. It shares much
in common with the "Moderne"  models
511 and  517 which he also created for

As well as black and gold, the radio was
available in gold with either brown bakelite
or ivory plaskon.

The chassis, loaded from the base, is a
6-tuber that tunes the standard broadcast
band from 540-1620kc. The tubes used
are:- 12SG7 (converter), 6BJ6 (LO), 6BJ6
(IF amp), 12AT6 (detector/AVC/1st AF),
50L6GT (af power output) and 35Z5GT
(rectifier). Surprisingly, it does not have
an RF amplifer, as one might expect for a
6-tube set of the era. Instead the
engineers used the two-tube 12SG7/6BJ6
combination for the mixer/LO function
instead of the more traditional 12SA7 or
12BE6. The tubes represent a mix of
metal octals, glass octals and miniatures!
...a radio with regal styling, in black and gold..
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Emerson 561 Series B Bakelite Table Radio (1949)