Emerson Model 117 Tombstone Radio "Butterfly Grille" (1936)
This 5-tube Emerson model 117 was the first tombstone radio I purchased. It has no manufacturer's
identification anywhere on it, other than the numbers 117 stamped on the rear edge of the top panel.
Eventually I identified the set using one of Mark Stein's excellent "Machine Age to Jet Age" price and
information guides. This is a later production model with a black dial face. Earlier models had a gray
dial. The cabinet features inlaid plastic strips and was made for Emerson by Ingraham.

The complete tube line up is 42 (output), 80 (rectifier), 85 (detector/agc/1st af), 6D6 (IF) and 6A7
(mixer/lo).  Frequency coverage is from 540-1750kc (standard broadcast) and 2.2-7.5mc (short
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Emerson Model 117 Tombstone Radio (1936)