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Emerson 108 (U5A) & AD-108 Mini-Tombstone Radios (1936/37)
The Emerson model 108, introduced in the summer
of 1935 for the 1936 season, was offered in walnut
colored bakelite, ivory plaskon (
right) & black bake-
lite (
below right). Black is the most seldom seen to-
day, though regardless of color, the 108 is now
one of the most collectible of all Emersons.

The model 108 uses chassis type U5A. Later, Em-
erson introduced two models that used the same
housings but upgraded chassis types. These were
the AD-108 (
below left) for 1937 and the BY-233 for
1938/39, which used chassis types AD and BY res-
pectively. Amongst collectors all these models are
often affectionately, if not mistakenly, referred to
as the Emerson U5A sets.

Models 108 and AD-108 are practically indentical in
appearance, right down to having the same knob
and grille cloth variants for each of the three color
offerings (brown, black, ivory). Only differences in
the frequency markings on the dials distinguish the
early and late models. The BY-233 bucks this trend
by changing not only the dial but also the grille
cloth and knobs.

Note that each photo shows the grille cloth that is
original and unique to each cabinet color. These
cloths were used by models 108 and AD-108 alike.
Emerson 108 ...laughs at distance and interference.
Emerson Model 108
Choice of 3 colors


Standard Broadcast
plus police, Aeroplane,
Amateur stations.
2-band AC/DC
Illuminated aeroplane
Control  Built-in aerial.
Emerson Model AD-108 in Brown Bakelite (1937)
530-1660kc plus shortwave from 1500-3800kc. Waveband selection is by means of a
switch at the rear of the radio. There is also a less common U5B variant used for
model 108LW, which covers standard broadcast as for the U5A but long-wave (145-
475kcs) instead of shortwave.

The tube line-up is 6A7 (mixer/LO), 6D6 (IF amp), 75 (2nd detector/1st af/avc), 43 (af
output pentode), 25Z5 rectifier. The radio uses a 145 Ohm 15W resistive line-cord
(curtain- burner) element in the filament supply chain.
Chassis U5A
Chassis AD
Like chassis U5A, the AD is also a 5 tube superheterodyne tuning the standard
broadcast and shortwave bands. However, frequency coverage is modified slightly to
540-1580kc (standard broadcast) and 1580-4200kc (shortwave). The tube line up is
6A7 (mixer/LO), 6D6 (IF amp), 6Q7 (2nd detector/1st AF/AVC), 25L6 (audio output)
and 25Z5 (rectifier).
Model 108 Ivory Plaskon (1936)
Model 108 Black Bakelite (1936)
Model AD-108 Brown Bakelite (1937)
Emerson 108 in ivory plaskon mini-tombstone radio (1936)
Emerson 108 in ivory plaskon mini-tombstone radio (1936)
U5A Radio chassis view
Emerson Model 108 Table Radio in Black Bakelite (1936)
Emerson Model 108 Table Radio in Black Bakelite (1936)