Zenith A-600L TransOceanic Radio (1957)
Brown leather version of the A600 from 1957. I found this radio
exactly as shown at a flea market in Maine during the summer of
2004 for $80. I'm not real big on TransOceanics but at that price it
was a no-brainer for a radio in such good condition. Unbelievably,
the lady selling it told me she'd had several enquiries about it but
no buyers until I came along. Somebody had even prevaricated
about buying it but finally told her it needed a tube and then walk-
ed away. The fact that it hadn't sold made me a little suspicious so
I checked it out carefully before buying. Needless to say it's almost
perfect. The biggest defect is a broken hinge on the chart cover
and the lady told me that was caused by a careless browser that
morning at the flea market. It's also missing two knob brights, but
reproductions can be bought from

When I tried this radio it worked perfectly on all bands. I haven't
repaired the broken hinge yet, but it's fairly common for these to
break and they can be repaired.
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Zenith A-600L TransOceanic Radio