Zenith Model 9-S-30 (9S30) Tombstone Radio (1936)
Zenith 9-S-30 (1936)
9-S-30 rear view
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Zenith introduced their models for the 1935/36 radio
season at their distributor's convention held in Chicago
during mid-June of 1935. The three-day convention
was described in Radio Retailing as "
an affair bristling
with innovations
", and according to a statement made
by Zenith's president, E. F. McDonald Jr, the new sets
offered "
the trade and the public feature after feature
they can see, that can be demonstrated as new and

The 9-S-30, initially listed at $85 in the East, was Zen-
ith's top-of-the-line table set for the season and was
one of 15 new ac-powered receivers in the line up. As
well as being offered with a traditional walnut finish,
the set also came in
ebony with a chrome  escutcheon
and matching knobs.

side-by-side comparison of the 9-S-30 and the foll-
owing season's
10-S-130 reveals that there was an
obvious design progression between them. This prog-
ression was however artfully executed, with the result
that the 10-S-130 is the more visually interesting of the
two models. In fact, though both sets are rare and
highly sort after in today's collectibles marketplace,
some of the accolade accorded the 9-S-30 seems per-
haps a trifle exaggerated. Its somewhat plain, almost
monotone cabinet does not have the finesse and gen-
eral composure of its successor the 10-S-130. Nor
does it offer the distinct deco flare and visual immed-
iacy of its predecessors from 1934/35, the granddaddy
835 and its two juniors, the models 809 and 829. In
fact it sits as a bridge betwixt the two neighboring sea-
sons, gloriously utilitarian but forever outshone by its
kin resplendent upon the reaches at either side.

Electrically, the 9-tube 9-S-30 is fairly unremarkable.
The front-end and IF are basic, with four of the tubes
devoted to the AF. It's quite a contrast to the previous
year's model 835, which although having one more
tube, demonstrated sophistication at every level. The
all-wave 9-S-30 tunes three bands from 550 to 23,000
kcs. The 9-tube line-up is 6K7 (RF amp), 6A8 (mixer/
LO), 6K7 (IF), 6H6 (2nd det/AVC), 6C5 (1st AF), 6C5
(2nd AF), 6F6 * 2 (push-pull AF) & 5Y3G (rectifier).
The schematic is available @
ZENITH 9-S-30.
9-tubes. Tunes
American and Foreign
stations, police,
amateur, aviation,
ships. Tuning range of
5 wavebands on three
simplified dial ranges.
8-inch dynamic
speaker. Black
Magnavision dial.
Automatic Band
indication A-B-C. Split
Second tuning.
ZENITH - gives you every worth-while feature.
..every advanced feature for better world-wide reception.
In July of 1935, Radio Retailing summarized the
Zenith innovations for 1936 presented at the
June  convention as "
triple filtering", "single and
dual  speakers
", "laminated sounding boards",
very large open-faced dials - black body with
markings showing  vividly in three colors
according to the waveband in use", "oversized
chassis" and "metaglass tubes".
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Oct 10th 1935, Oakland, CA
Aug 1935, Radio Retailing pg 1.