Zenith Model 807 Tombstone Radio (1935)
The Zenith 807 is an entry level five tube "small white
dial" set introduced in July of 1934 as part of the line-
up for the 1935 model year. The original list price was
$39.95 in Eastern and Central regions. The small
white dial, also known as the "airplane dial", was used
only for the 1935 model year, as the 1936 line saw
the debut of Zenith's "big black dial" models.

Zenith embarked upon an intensive advertising cam-
paign to promote their 1935 sets, a recurring theme
being that of "triple filtering" and improved shortwave
(and domestic) reception. Several ads from a series
that appeared in the fall of 1934 are shown below.
Each features the model 807 and selected other
models, with a likeness of a well-known World leader
who it was claimed would be heard in "living breath-
ing reality" from afar on a Zenith radio. I have linked
another of the series to my
Zenith 809 page.

Frequency coverage is in two bands, 538-1550kc
(standard broadcast) & 5610-17850kc (shortwave).
The tube line-up is:- 6A7 (mixer/LO), 6D6 (IF), 75
(2nd detector/AVC/1st AF), 42 (power output) & 80
(rectifier). A simple two-point high-frequency-cut
type tone control is provided. The schematic may be
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.
...that brings in the distant stations with perfect
ease and reception.
"Triple and double purpose tubes give Zenith
radios amazing power. This beautiful table
model, with exclusive type airplane dial, brings in
the most distant stations easily. Tunes American
and Foreign broadcasts.
Most radio value for your dollar."

"Zenith LONG DISTANCE Triple Filtering.  ...5
tubes....8 tube efficiency"
This Zenith Model 807 is a wizard, with amazing power...
Zenith 807
Zenith 807
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Zenith 807
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