Zenith Model 8-S-463 (8S463) Console Radio (1940)
The Zenith 8-S-463 was introduced in the fall of 1939
as part of the 1940 model line-up. Its original selling
price was $69.95.

It's an 8-tube three-band all-wave superheterodyne
that was referred to in Zenith advertising as the
"super 8". Its features include:-

  • Rotor wavemagnet aerial
  • Radiorgan
  • Extended range 6-button Automatic Tuning
  • Big Black Dial
  • Outer-Circle RF circuit
  • Television sound connection
  • 10" speaker
  • Oversized cabinet in Genuine Walnut
  • tuning beacon tube (magic eye)

Almost all of the 1940 Zenith models adopted the
company's new "wavemagnet" built-in aerial. This had
made its debut during the 1939 season in the likes of
table model
6D315. In the large sets, such as this
one, the wavemagnet is rotatable at the rear of the

The tube line-up is 1232 (RF amp), 6A8G (mixer/LO),
6K7G (IF amp), 6J5G (2nd detector diode-connected
triode), 6F5G (af amp), 6F6G (single ended AF
power amp), 6X5G (rectifier) and 6U5 (magic eye).

These Zenith's are known for their impressive 'big'
sound and this one is no exception.

I restored the chassis by re-stuffing all capacitors and
replacing a few out of tolerance resistors (including
the 1Meg in the tuning-eye socket), the dial cord and
the 6U5 tuning indicator, as the original was very
dim. I also switched the notoriously failure prone
6X5G rectifier with a more reliable 6X5GT type. It has
been variously claimed that shorted-out 6X5Gs tubes
have  been the cause of more burned up power-tran-
sformers in Zenith radios than just about anything

Note that the cabinet of this model uses FAUX finish
on the grille bars and for the decorative horizontal

Right is an article describing Zenith's 1940 receiver
line-up found in an old newspaper from Syracuse,
NY, dated Nov 23rd 1939.
Zenith Super 8 ...the sensation of 1940.
Zenith Says 1940 Line is the best it has ever

Officials of the Zenith Radio Corporation headed
by Commander E. F. McDonald Jr., former
Syracusean, are jubilant over the tremendous
reception which has been given the new Zenith 1940
line of Zenith Radios. The factory is reported to
be producing an all-time high of 12,500 receivers
daily, and it is still impossible to catch up with
the consumer demand for the balance of this year.

Greater interest than ever before is being shown
in the radios for providing foreign reception.
Zenith pioneered short wave as far back as 1923
and was the first to establish short wave
communication half-way around the world. All
Zenith foreign receivers are all unconditionally
guaranteed to receive Europe, South America or the
Orient every day or your money back. In these days
of fast-moving world events, with Europe
broadcasting direct to America and England, the
Zenith owner can listen in daily to the news
either in English or foreign languages.

This year, every Zenith includes a built-in
aerial. No outside connections are necessary, and
you can just plug into the nearest light socket
and play. It is as simple as plugging in a new
floor lamp.

The new built-in aerials are particularly
effective in noisy locations, and are a great help
in reducing local noise and interference. An
improved and exclusive six-key radiorgan is
reported to provide full tonality with 64
beautiful blendings of tone at your fingertips.
With this remarkable device, it is possible to
have any instrument in an orchestra stand out,
while with a simple adjustment of the organ keys,
you can bring in the full beauty of every

The 1940 Zeniths include many circuit refinements
that have never before been made in Zenith
history. A new Outer Circle RF circuit is so-named
as it provides a new reception reach outside the
normal radio coverage. The circuit is said to give
ten-times extra sensitivity as compared to
previous models. The Automatic Tuning used on all
Zenith models is of an instantaneous electric
type. Once it is set, all one needs to do is to
touch a button to get the stations. Most models
have a plug-in for phonograph and television sound

While there is said to be no immediate prospect of
television service in this section for some time
to come, these radios are built for several years
ahead, and when television should become
available, one only needs to plug in the
television receiver and the television sound will
be amplified through the present radio.

Zenith has been known for many years for the
beautiful, big, black dial, the robot dial which
simplifies tuning, the large well-built chassis,
spinner tuning for quick change of stations,
triple bass compensation for rich tone. These
features and many others which the public has
grown to expect from Zenith are, of course,
continued and improved.
"Just the radio I've always wanted" you'll say when you
see and hear this big, 8-tube giant including heater
cathode rectifier tube and tuning beacon tube. Full short
wave reception and built-in short wave aerial, of course.
Lovely tone insured by radiorgan and big concert grand
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Zenith 8-S-463 Console Tube Radio (1940)