Zenith Model 705 Table (Mantel) Radio (1934)
"A smart radio of butt walnut
and imported marquetry inlay
- a full, rich tone that
compares favorably with
larger sets in quality and
volume - that's what this
Zenith offers you! Inside
there's a six tube
superheterodyne set with full
size dynamic speaker. The
cabinet is finished with a solid
walnut top and fluted ends.
Trim--powerful...full bodied.
Just the radio for the 2nd or
3rd radio in your home. Have
you heard it?"
see ad dated July 28th below
This Zenith offers you both tone and beauty...
The model 705 mantel radio debuted in
the summer of 1933 as one of Zenith's
many 700 series sets, introduced for
the 1934 season. Though the appear-
ance is somewhat austere, the overall
presentation is quite pleasing, highlight-
ed as it is with marquetry inlays and an
upper band of exotic photofinish. More-
over, the right escutcheon and match-
ing left name plate together foster the
impression that the set is perpetually
winking at you from its location up on
the shelf!

According to Cones and Bryant in their
book "Zenith - The Early Years", the
introductory sales price for the 705 was
$24.95. However, in perusing early
newspaper advertisements, the lowest I
found it offered for sale was at $26.95,
in July of 1933. Later that year it was
selling for significantly more - $29.95 in
the East and for as much as $36.50
out West.

The ac-powered 705 covers the stand-
ard broadcast band and has the six-
tube line-up:- 57 (mixer), 56 (Osc), 58
(IF amp), 2A6 (2nd det/AVC/1st AF),
59 (power amp) and 80 rectifier. The
schematic may be found
here, courtesy
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Zenith 705 Mantle Radio (1934)
Zenith 705 Mantle Radio (1934)
151/4" (W) * 81/2" (H) * 61/2" (D)
Jul 1933, Radio Retailing, pg 1
July 28th 1933, NY
Nov 2nd, 1933, Tx
Eastern pricing?
Nov 12th 1933, Tx, San Antonio