Zenith Model 6-S-646 Chairside Radio (1942)
This is a two-band 6-tube chair-side radio from 1942. It was designed to be placed beside an arm-chair and
operated by a person seated in that chair, with the loudspeaker facing into the room. This radio was part of a
collection I purchased and it had been stored for many years in a damp loft. The veneer was de-laminating and
several of the lower trim pieces had fallen off, though they were all nearby. Following extensive gluing and
clamping and revival of the original lacquer finish, the radio now looks like new. After a full electrical restoration
it now plays like new also.

The tube line-up for this model is 7H7 (RF amp), 7B8 (mixer/LO), 7A7 (IF), 7B6 (2nd detector/AGC/1st AF),
6F6G (power amp), 6X5G (rectifier). Band coverage is standard broadcast from 540 - 1620 kc and shortwave
from 5.4mc - 18.3mc. This radio also features automatic tuning on the broadcast band, using the keys to the
left of the dial, and the "radiorgan" tone control keys, to the right of the dial.
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Zenith 6-S-646 Chairside Radio (1942)
Zenith 6-S-646 Chairside Radio (1942)