Zenith Model 6-S-229 (6S229) Tombstone Radio (1938)
The Zenith 6-S-229 black-dial tombstone is one of
several similar models where the front and sides of
the cabinet are covered with FAUX finish, a
paper-like film printed & textured to look like wood. It
is easily damaged and many of them end up having
the FAUX wood stripped off and the cabinet
re-finished using  lacquer. I'm told that beneath the
FAUX wood is actually a decent looking veneer that
is very presentable when lacquered, though I've yet
to see one and be the judge of this for myself. I
found this at a flea market, missing its knobs and in
need of a new grille cloth but with its FAUX wood in
excellent shape. I have restored both the cabinet and
chassis and it now plays very nicely.

It's a three waveband ac-powered receiver using 6
tubes:- 6A8G (mixer/LO), 6K7G (IF), 6H6G (2nd
detector/AVC), 6F5G (1st af), 6F6G (af power amp),
5Y4G (rectifier). Coverage is from 550-1750kc
(standard broadcast), 1800-5600kc (shortwave 1)
and 5600-18500kc (shortwave 2) (approx).
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Zenith 6-S-229 Tombstone Radio Rear View (1938)
Zenith 6-S-229 Tombstone Radio (1938)
Zenith 6-S-229 Tombstone Radio (1938)
ad June 1937, Pa.
Oct 1937, Texas
Sept 27th 1937, Pa
Nov 1937,
6 tubes that will bring in stations the world over.
"American and Foreign Broadcasts, 6" Speaker,
Continuous-Type Tone Control, Foreign Station Re-locator,
Local Station Indicators, (540-18,400kcs), 18" High"
Dec 18th 1937,
El Paso, Tx