Zenith Model 5-S-228 (5S228) Table Radio (1937/38)
Zenith's compact 5-S-228 (5S228) table radio was introduced
in June of 1937 as part of their 1937/1938 line-up. It was an
entry  level model in the line, initially listed at $29.95 in reg-
ions east of the Rockies and $34.95 out West. However with-
in a couple of months the prices were increased by $3. Pri-
ces for the rest of the line were
increased* at this time too.

The 5-S-228 has the 5-tube line-up:- 6A8G, 6K7G, 6Q7G,
6F6G and 5Y4G. Tuning was in two bands from 540 - 1752
kcs (standard broadcast) and 5490 - 18,400 kcs (shortwave).
The schematic may be found
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.
Notice that for 1938 Zenith was no longer espousing compat-
ibility with metal tubes, having adopted the glass octal types,
that they had previously referred to as
metaglass, for their
..amazing fidelity of Zenith's rich tone
actually surpasses any radio yet heard.
Zenith 5-S-228 (5S228) Table Radio (1937-38)
151/2" (H) * 101/4" (W) * 91/2" (D)
ad June 1937, Pa.
ad from Jul 30th 1937, Pa
* announcement in Radio retailing, Aug 1937, p42
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Zenith 5-S-228 (5S228) Table Radio Rear View (1937-38)
Oct 1937, Pa
Nov 1937, Bakersfield,
CA (Western pricing)
The "Biggest" Little set you've ever seen.