Zenith Model 5-R-135 (5R135) Tombstone Radio (1937)
Metaglass tubes. Tuning range from 535 to
1712 kilocycles (560 - 175 meters)...
broadcast stations and police. Has Big
Black Dial and other 1937 Zenith features.
8" Electro-Dynamic speaker assures
excellent tone quality.

This beautiful table model is of graceful
style. Simplicity of design and choice of
woods enhance the appearance of the
cabinet. Made of selected center-matched
figured walnut - hand polished to a soft,
satiny finish.

As usual, Zenith is AGAIN A YEAR
AHEAD... and you, too, will be a year ahead
if you own a new Zenith. Decide TODAY
you'll see the Zenith 5-R-135 TOMORROW."
Everyone takes his hat off to this new Zenith 1937 LONG
The 5-R-135 was an entry-level radio in Zenith's 1937
line-up. It was introduced in late 1936 with a selling
price of $29.95. Even though the tapered tombstone
style cabinet is somewhat plain in appearance, it sold
well and is a relatively common find today.

The following is extracted from advertising for this
model (see below right for some of the originals):-
Technical Details

The 5-R-135 is a 5-tube ac-powered superhet cov-
ering standard broadcast and police (as it then
was) from 535 to 1712kc. It features Automatic
Volume Control and a two-point tone control. Tube
complement is 6A8/6A8G (mixer/LO), 6K7/6K7G
(1st IF), 6Q7/6Q7G (2nd det/AVC/1st AF), 6F6/
6F6G (AF output) & 5W4/5Y3G (rectifier). The
schematic can be found
here, courtesy of

For 1936 & 1937, Zenith designed their sets to
use either metal or "metaglass" tubes. This was
prominently reflected in their advertising and was
noted on their schematics by the showing of both
designations (e.g. 6A8 for the metal version and
6A8G for the glass type).
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Zenith 5-R-135 Tombstone Radio (1937)
Nov 24th 1936, Reno
Dec 16th 1936, PA
Dec 15th 1936, Minn.