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Stewart Warner 1252 "Berkley" Tombstone Radio (1933)
The Stewart Warner model 1252 is a 5-tube
ac-powered 2-band receiver covering standard
broadcast from 530 - 1720kc and shortwave from
5.6 - 18.0mc. The tube line-up is 6A7 (mixer/LO),
6D6 (IF), 75 (2nd detector/AVC/1st AF), 41
(power output), 80 (rectifier). The schematic for
this model can be found at

This is an entry-level model in a line of very stylish
and collectible 1933 tombstone radios from this
manufacturer. The original purchase price was

I acquired this at the New England Antiques Radio
Club show in the summer of 2005.
..round the world radio.
Stewart Warner 1252 Tombstone Radio (1933)