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Stewart Warner Model 91-513 "Spade" Table Radio (1939)
Stewart Warner Spade Radio
The Stewart Warner 91-513 "Spade" is an un-
usual and very stylish model from the 1939 sea-
son. It derives its name from the resemblance of
its profile to the "spade" in a deck of playing

It is a 5-tube ac-powered superhet that covers
the standard broadcast band from 540 to 1725
kcs. The tube line-up is:- 6A8G (LO/mixer), 6K7
(IF amp), 6Q7G (2nd detector/AVC/1st AF),
6K6G (af o/p), 5W4G (rectifier). Curiously, all
tubes are listed in
Riders as glass G-types with
the exception of the metal type 6K7.

In addition to standard dial tuning, the set feat-
ures four
mechanical push-buttons for station
selection, whimsically referred to by Stewart
Warner as the "magic keyboard".

Below, is a newspaper cutting from Nov 1937
describing Stewart Warner's magic keyboard,
introduced with their 1938 line and used for sev-
eral years thereafter. Although the 1939 Spade
has fewer than the 15 push-buttons referred to,
the principle is the same.
Stewart-Warner Automatic
Tuner Exclusive
Stewart Warner features the "Magic
Keyboard" in presenting its new line of
radios. The Magic Keyboard with its
"mystic mechanism" is automatic tuning
that operates mechanically rather than
electrically, and is an exclusive Stewart
Warner feature.

With the Magic Keyboard the radio dialler
may have complete and effortless command
of as many as 15 different radio stations
at his finger tips. The visible part of
Stewart Warner's automatic tuning
systems appears on the face of its models
as two rows of pushbuttons designed in a
fashion that actually converts into a
handsome decoration. A touch on one of
these buttons is all that is necessary to
bring in the station that it controls. The
tuning is accomplished by the mystic
mechanism in the chassis behind the
control panel, which goes into immediate
action to bring split-second speed of
reception along with positive accuracy of

The device works silently and entirely
automatically and is so flexible the owner
of the set may select any 15 different
stations he may desire for selection
through the magic keyboard.
Mystic Mechanism with the MAGIC KEYBOARD ...makes even brand new radios out of date.
"An absolutely new idea in cabinets, the first table radio
designed for a place in the middle of the room. Beautifully
finished on all sides - and houses a high quality
superheterodyne 5 tube chassis with AVC, tone control,
dynamic speaker and 4 station Magic Keyboard tuner"
Stewart Warner Spade Radio