This model 58 table radio was produced by
Sparton of Canada in 1937/38. Located in
London Ontario, they were a wholly owned
subsidiary of the Sparks-Withington parent
company, headquartered in Jackson, Michigan.

According to a listing in Vol IV of Mark Stein's
Table Top Radios series, the model 58 is one
of several Canadian sets attributed to the
celebrated designer Walter Dorwin Teague.
For sure, it displays the same general theme
and evokes similar viewer sentiments (at least
in me!) to those veritable Art Deco icons of the
Sparton Teague era, the models  
557 and 558.

The 58's chassis is basically that of the
modified to accommodate a power transformer
and filter circuits supportive of 25-60Hz oper-
ation. It also of course sports a larger dial,
affixed to the chassis in place of that of the
558. The schematic can be found in Riders, on
53, 58 & 59 of the Canadian Sparton
(courtesy of NostalgiaAir).
Sparton of Canada, model 58 sled (1938)
Sparton (Canada) Model 58 Wooden "Sled" Table Radio (1937/38)
Sparton (Canada) Model 58
Sparton 58 rear view