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Silvertone Model 9000 Brown Bakelite Radio (1949)
The Silvertone model 9000 is a
compact ac/dc-powered table
radio covering the standard
broadcast band from 540 -
1600kc. It was available in either
brown or white bakelite. The
brown model, as shown, had an
original purchase price of
$15.95 and the white of $16.95.

It uses a mix of miniature and
octal type tubes:- 12BE6
(mixer/LO), 12BA6 (IF), 12SQ7
(2nd-detector/AVC/1st AF),
50L6GT (audio beam power),
35Z5GT (rectifier).
Compact...colorful...right for any room.. right for ANY BUDGET.
Silvertone 9000 Bakelite Table Radio (1949)