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Silvertone (Sears) Model 4465 Tombstone Radio (1936)
The Silvertone model 4465 first appeared in the Sears
catalog for the fall of 1936, where it listed for $34.50. It
continued to be offered through the spring and summer
of 1937. The 4465 is sometimes referred to by collect-
ors as the Silvertone "pyramid" model as a result of its
tapered front and sides. Its commanding appearance is
enhanced through its embodiment of an over-sized
gold dial featuring a nautical sunset/sunrise motif and
magic eye tuning indicator. Today this handsome radio
is sort after but seldom found.

According to various sources, including Mark Stein's
Silvertone Catalogs 1930-1942", the model 4465 was
manufactured for Sears by both Stewart-Warner and
Colonial, there being slight differences between the
models from each manufacturer. For example, sets from
Colonial tune standard broadcast from 540 to 1800kcs
while Stewart-Warner models cover 526 to 1750kcs. As
a result the dials are different, a fact which allows the
pedigree of any set to be quickly established, without
even looking at the chassis. For example, my 4465's
dial shows an upper 1800kcs limit to standard broad-
cast (see below right), so my set was manufactured by
Colonial. Further information on this topic, including
photos of the Stewart-Warner dials, can be found at

The Silvertone model 4465 is a three-band 8-tube
superheterodyne. There are two chassis types,
100.151 manufactured by Stewart-Warner & 101.410
manufactured by Colonial Radio. Both schematics
may be found
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir. My model
uses chassis 101.410, having tube line-up 6K7G (RF
amp), 6L7G (mixer), 6C5G (local oscillator), 6K7G (IF
amp), 6Q7G (2nd-detector/AVC/1st AF amp), 6N6G
(AF output), 5Y3G (rectifier) & 6G5 (tuning eye). Tun-
ing ranges are Band A (American) 540-1800kcs, Band
P (Police) 1800-6000kcs & Band F (Foreign) 6-18mcs.
The radio features a two-position selectivity control
switch that adjusts the 1st IF transformer bandwidth
(maximum fidelity range is 50-5000Hz). Refer to the
schematic linked to previously for details on the
100.151 chassis.
click to enlarge rear view (chassis type 101.410)
Dial View (part #1014015287) - click to enlarge
Here are features that Sears spent thousands of dollars to perfect...