RCA Model T10-1 Tombstone Radio (1935/36)
RCA Model T10-1 (1935/36)
This handsome RCA-Victor model T10-1 tombstone radio
was introduced in the summer of 1935 for the 1936 model
year. With 10 tubes, it was the company's top of the line
table set for the year, with an original list price of $99.50.

This was one of the first RCA sets to employ the new metal
tubes, introduced in April 1935. Three of them were used  
in the set's updated "
Magic Brain" (a 6K7 RF amp, a 6L7
mixer & 6J7 LO). Contrast this with the two-tube Magic  
Brain (6D6 & 6A7) used a year earlier for models
128 and
143. The set's only non-metal tube is a 5Z3, and perhaps
to disguise it, it was shrouded by a black metal can (see
photo lower right).

When the metal tubes were first introduced, production
problems limited their availability. The issues were well
publicized, especially by competitors who refused to ad-  
opt the new tubes (most notably Philco). RCA went on the
defensive in their advertisements, imploring radio buyers   
to "
be patient with your dealer if he can't make immediate
delivery of the Metal Tube Radio Set you want. His orders
on the factory are being filled as rapidly as possible

The T10-1 is a ten-tube three-band superhet, with
coverage from 540 - 1800kcs (Band A), 1800 - 6000kcs
(Band B) and 6000 - 18000kcs (Band C). The tube line-up
is 6K7 (RF amp), 6L7 (1st detector), 6J7 (LO), 6K7 (IF),
6H6 (2nd-detector/AVC), 6C5 (1st AF), 6C5 (AF driver),
6F6*2 (push-pull o/p) and 5Z3 (rectifier). Audio output is
8.5W ("
undistorted") or 11.5W ("maximum") into an 8"
Electro-dynamic loudspeaker.  
The new RCA Victor 1936 Magic Brain Radio... with the new metal tubes.
10-tube Model T10-1
New magic Brain - Metal Tubes - 540-18,000kcs - US
and foreign - police, aircraft and amateur calls -
Automatic-Volume-Control and Tone Compensation -
1/2 Watts output - new ColorBand Dial - Band
Spreader - Exquisite cabinet of selected Mahogany
and Sapele Veneers.
Metal Tubes - The Sign of an Up-To-Date Radio!
1935 goes down in radio history as offering a new,
revolutionary and permanent improvement  - Metal
Tubes - already adopted by the vast majority of radio
Progress cannot be stopped! Get what
you want - a new radio - a MODERN radio - a radio
with Metal Tubes!
"Metal Tube radios are quieter, more
sensitive, better toned, superior in every
New Magic Brain
RCA Model T10-1 Tube Radio Rear View
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