The RCA 96-X3 (96X3) table radio from
the 1939 season is another impressive
machine-age model from the era. The
styling is attributed to industrial design-
John Vassos, who worked for RCA for
many years and was responsible for a
number of their more adventurous des-
igns, many of which are highly prized by
collectors today.

I particularly like the impression created
by the step-down top, the unobtrusive
curved dial and the streamlined left side,
with its wrap-around louvred grille in con-
trasting tan colored plaskon. It inspires
images of powerful machinery.

As well as the model here, this set could
be purchased in all brown (96-X1), all
black (96-X2) bakelite or in ivory plaskon
(96-X4). There were also four push-
button sets (models 96-X11 - 96-X14).

In brown or black bakelite, the original
purchase price was $14.95. Other colors
cost slightly more.

The 96-X3 is a two band 6-tube AC/DC
super-heterodyne covering standard
broadcast from 540-1720kc and short-
wave from 5,800 to 18,000kc. The tube
line-up is 6K8 (LO/mixer), 6SK7 (IF),
6SQ7 (2nd det/AVC/1st AF), 25L6 (pow-
er amp), 25Z6G (rectifier) and BK-49B
ballast tube. The schematic is available
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.
RCA Model 96-X3 (96X3) Brown Bakelite Tube Radio
John Vassos Designed (1939)
RCA Model 96-X3
"Here's a set that gets shortwave broadcasts direct from
world capitals. Smart modern plastic cabinet in variety of
colors. AC-DC operation. Electro-Dynamic Speaker. And
many other big set features. The very newest idea in radio.
See it today"
..shortwave super-continental RCA Victor.